My World Tuesday # 1

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Passeio de Domingo / Tour on Sunday

Saímos de casa para um passeio na manhã de domingo.
We left the house for a walk in the morning of Sunday.

Aguardamos pacientemente para fazermos a travessia.
Waiting patiently to make the crossing.

Oba!!! ela está se aproximando.
Wow!!! she is approaching.

A travessia da Lagoa é rápida, mas muito prazerosa.
The crossing of the lagoon is fast, but very pleasant.

Esse lindo menino é Pedro, meu filho, adora o passeio.
This beautiful boy isP edro, my son, loves the tour.

Chegamos do outro lado da margem, dou mais uma olhada para minha casa.
We came across the room, I look more to my house.

Oops!!! está sou eu, aguardando minha água de côco no quiosque da praia.
Oops! is me, awaiting my coconut water at the beach kiosk.

Os rapazes aproveitam o sol, meu filho Pedro e meu marido Marcos apreciando as sereias.
The boys enjoy the sun, my son Peter and my husband Mark appreciating the mermaids.

Esse é meu mundo... aonde? Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Praia da Reserva de Marapendi.
This is my world ... where? Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Beach Reserve Marapendi.

Photos by Denise & Marcos

Gire um pouco mais pelo mundo, aqui.
Turn a little more around the world, here.
The Meme hosted by Tom, Sandy, Imac, Klaus, Ivar, Wren & Fishing Guy.

36 comentários:

Louise disse...

Your world is so different from mine. The water is appealing. You have beautiful children!

Old Wom Tigley disse...

Excellent first posting and it was nice sharing your world tonight.

kjpweb disse...

That is an interesting tour, you take us on! And a beautiful family, too! Thanks for being here!
Cheers, Klaus

P.S.: Please note for future MyWorld posts, to enter name and country in Mr. Linky, which seems appropriate for a "World" Meme!

Your EG Tour Guide disse...

AH! While it's getting warmer every day where you are, it's getting colder in Canada! Nice post!

marcia@joyismygoal disse...

That was lovely so is your family I look forward to learning more of your beautiful home. didn't know you had Mermaids:)

Ivar Ivrig disse...

Thank you so much for joining this new meme. A wonderful and interesting post :-)

RuneE disse...

That the beach and that climate - a dream come true...

ewok1993 disse...

Very interesting tour. I look forward to more of Rio de Janeiro in the coming weeks.

SandyCarlson disse...

The beaches are very beautiful there!

Sara G disse...

Beautiful photo's!
Take care and thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!!

fishing guy disse...

Denise: What a wonderful start for My World, I'm so happy you are with us and await every visit to Brazil.
You music is beautiful and so soothing.

Reader Wil disse...

Thank you for showing us around in your world!

Texas Travelers disse...

I enjoyed this a lot.

Great photos and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

Wren disse...

A lovely world and a lovely family - thanks for sharing both.

Jeanne disse...

Beautiful! I would love living so close to the water.

April disse...

Beautiful pictures of your home and family in Rio de Janeiro! I enjoyed seeing your sunny world - the beach looks so inviting.

piedmontperspective disse...

Lovely photos and a great post! Thank you for sharing your world with us!


Olá querida Denise, belíssimo lugar, muito bem ilustrado pelas fotos...Parabéns!
Beijinhois de carinho,

Leslie: disse...

I've heard that Rio is gorgeous and your photos are proof!


Bonitos Mundo e família.
Beautiful World and family.

PS. Marcos está com cara de "pai coruja".

Dar's Foto Faze disse...

What a beautiful place. thank you so much for sharing.

Arija disse...

A lovely family outin of a lovely family. Thank you for letting us peep into your life.

Lawstude disse...

Thanks for the wonderful trip around your place. So very much different from my place but I do wanna share my place also to you. Great job.

John disse...

Excellent post, Denise!
Thanks for sharing.

Carletta disse...

I always wanted to go to Rio and now I have!
Can hardly wait to see more.

evlahos disse...

you live in a beautiful place with two very handsom and excellent boys around you. even if they try to appreciating the mermaids

Rural Writer disse...

A lovely world, and a lovely family. It's so interesting to see such different locales, so much different from my little part of the world.

The Birdlady disse...

What fun this is going to be! Your corner of the world is beautiful.

Babooshka disse...

Really felt like I stepped into your world.

Brit' Gal Sarah disse...

What a fun family tour, Rio looks like a great place to live

D Herrod disse...

Thank you for sharing a tour of your world. Looks like you had a fun day.

Marcos Santos disse...

Esse daí é o "nosso World"

Elma Carneiro disse...

Que belo foi o seu domingo num passeio de familia muito descontraido e em local belíssimo.
Seu filho é uma gracinha, lindo.

Ladynred disse...

What a great tour that was. Beautiful place out there in your world.

2sweetnsaxy disse...

Thanks for sharing a taste of Brazil. I loved it! The photos are great. I can see why your son enjoys the ride. I would. It's beautiful.

Maria disse...

Denise, what a beautiful tour! I am sure you spend much time at the wonderful beach! And your family enjoys your trip too!
Thank you for sharing!


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