ABC Wednesday # 5

L is for... Love of Lilies

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Michelle wish all the happiness in the world, and offer these flowers to toast his return with victory

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

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18 comentários:

Luiz Santilli Jr disse...

Olá Denise,

linda postagem e bela homenagem à Michelle e uma prova de sua preocupação com ela!

Muito significativa a sua imagem!

Ela, com certeza, vai se emocionar!


richies disse...

Lovely tribute to michele

Fernando Santos (Chana) disse...

Olá Denise, bela homenagem à Michelle...Espectacular...

Paz disse...

yes, very lovely. lovely flowers, lovely photos and lovely post.


Dulce disse...

As flores são lindas e o tributo, cheio de carinho!
Um abraço

Babooshka disse...

What a wonderful sentiment and stunning images.

shutterhappenings disse...

Here we call that stargazers. Great flowers, indeed!

My L pictures are posted here and here. Hope you can drop by, too! Thanks!

Rinkly Rimes disse...

What beautiful flowers! And beautiful thoughts to go with them.

Marie disse...

Beautiful post!

Your photos are breath taking!
I love your "Today's flowers" and "Sky Wath Frida" photos too!

Have a nice day :)

Meiroca disse...

Amo Lirios!

Bear Naked disse...

Lovely photos
Lovely Lilies
Lovely Lady
and all for ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

Lily Hydrangea disse...

I love lilies too!
That is so sweet to put Michelles photo in your post!

Neva disse...

Lovely lillies.....

Powell River Books disse...

Beautiful lillies. I love the colours in the first one best. I invite you to come see my Labrador Retriever named Bro. - Margy

Daniel J Santos disse...

bonitas imagens e bonitas escolhas.

Daniel J Santos disse...

esqueci-me... bem conseguido.

Sandradb disse...

Hello Denise!
Thank you for your comment and your visit - I really adore flowers and I'm almost "obsessed" with photographing it - so, I guess I found my place in this virtual sea :-). Greetings from Croatia

Kim from Hiraeth disse...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful focus. I'm sure Michele was encouraged and touched by your thoughtfulness!


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