Ruby Tuesday # 1


O pijama vermelho / The red pyjamas

Red ...

... é a cor do pijama ... / ... is the color of pyjamas ...

.. predileto do meu filho Pedro. / ... favorite of my son Pedro.

Photobucket This is my first Ruby. Hugs to all participants

17 comentários:

judi disse...

Wonderful red!! He is adorable :)

Leora disse...

Pedro is a sweetie! Thanks for making him the Ruby Tuesday poster boy.

Your EG Tour Guide disse...

Pedro looks very good in red! He's very handsome.

April disse...

Wonderful contribution for your first Ruby Tuesday! I love the red pjs.

Tommy disse...

great red and cute kid.

Rambling Woods disse...

How precious and perfect for Ruby Tuesday

Luiz Santilli Jr disse...

Olá Denise

Eu também sou muito ligado ao RED!

Quando menos me toco, estou postando em letras vermelhas, ponho títulos em vermelho!!!
Agora, não sei porque não tenho pijama vermelho!
Na verdade nunca comprei pijamas para mim!Sempre ganhei!
Durante anos uma tia, irmã de meu pai, me "sustentou" com pijamas!
Depois que ela morreu, fiquei anos com os seus pijamas, nenhum vermelho!


Carletta disse...

Lovely red for Ruby Tuesday!
What a cute young man.

maryt/theteach disse...

Pedro is a handsome young man in RED PJs! Great first post for Ruby Tuesday! Welcome and I hope you'll post again next week! :)

Raven disse...

What a handsome boy. Lovely series of photos. Looks like he has plenty of cool toys.

Raven disse...

Forgot to say that I love your flower photos too. Beautiful.

Dianne disse...

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday! :)

Beautiful photos of a very handsome boy.

Ralph disse...

I haven't worn jammies with feet in them since...decades ago. But the night wear looks warm, soft and very stylish in red!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

napaboaniya disse...

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday!
He's looking great in his red pajamas!!

Kelly disse...

What a cute guy! He looks like he is having a lot of fun with his toys!!! He is adorable!!!

Ruby Tuesday! Ruby's are so beautiful and special...

Kimmie disse...

Hi Denise!
Oh how sweet Pedro looks in his red pajamas! A Priceless Photo!

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday. I didn't play last week, but will this week.

All of your flower photos are just beautiful. They take my breath away! :-)

Have a lovely night.


Quiet Paths disse...

He looks great in red! Not everyone can wear red but he sure can. What a beautiful boy.


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