Ruby Tuesday # 4


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A beautiful present I received from my son and husband.

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evlahos disse...


napaboaniya disse...

A beautiful plant by the 2 great men of your life :)
Happy Ruby Tuesday Denis!

I love this song playing by Alanis

Em Dy disse...

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing what malasadas are in your country!

Nice flowers by the way!

Raven disse...

What a gorgeous plant. Good men you have there. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Felisol disse...

Lovely plants. It sure means a lot who the givers are. Husband and son, who can be closer to your heart?
For some reason they are called Flamingo Flowers in Norway. I find them wonderful, but can never get them to thrive.
Guess they need a lot of care.
From Felisol

Mojo disse...

A very beautiful gift indeed!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special disse...

You and I are both posting our 4th Ruby Tuesday...your plant with the blooming flowers is beautiful...thanks for sharing..

Ferreira-Pinto disse...

Lindíssimo presente.
E bem merecido.

Dianne disse...

what a lovely gift

the leves, the blossom, even the planter are beautiful.

ellen b. disse...

Hi Denise,
your cyclamon is beautiful and I like the box/pot it is in too. have a wonderful week...

Norm disse...

wow! nice capture very beautiful, love the color..

Ralph disse...

I like how that flower adds color, especially red, to the white furniture and tiles. You have a nice terrace, and there are never too many plants in your home. You have a very thoughtful men in your life!
(Traduzido de Babelfish)
Eu gosto de como essa flor adiciona a cor, especial vermelho, à mobília e às telhas brancas. Você tem um terraço agradável, e há nunca plantas demais em seu repouso. Você tem homens muito pensativos em sua vida!

Columbo disse...

Flowers are always one of the best gifts to be given. My wife loves flowers. Great posting for Ruby Tuesday.

maryt/theteach disse...

Just gorgeous, Denise! Happy Ruby Tuesday! I like the music, too! :)

Paz disse...

A beautiful present to receive. Lucky you!

Paz ;-)

Patti disse...

What a Lovely present from your son and husband.

Very nice photos! Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday!


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